DIY Video Session

thinking back i remember that we’ve chosen a pretty, not too cold and one of the last sunny days in october for our project.

though we had a pretty tight schedule we could afford starting at noon as we did most of the preparatory work on the day before. so we put the left decoration stuff in its place and…started taping. george (the innovater) put some plastic poles together and fixed them in a way nobody’s ever done before. from that outstanding moment on we were able to move our camera horizontally back and forth.

guys, we had a lotta work to do and we needed a lotta tries to bring every single scene close to perfection, (everyone who knows us is quite sure, that this is the utmost difficult part as we’re totally chaotic…) but i think we’ve done our job quite well and we should be contented with the outcome.

later on, after liters of blood, sweat, tears & beers we felt really exploitet with no power left for the show. after some recreation time which we spent with pizza and beer our batteries were recharged and we were ready to hit the inexistent stage for our friends.

and guys…we were stoked. there was a bunch of friends showing up. more than we expected. and they were fucking supportive. we played some old songs, but concentrated on the new ones. it was kind of test for us. we wanted to find out how our new songs come across.

all things considered we can say that our day started great and ended even better. thanks to all those boys and girls who came and made our private show that impressive and successful!

stay curious for the upcoming video to our song “no use for news like these”.

peace & beers to each and everyone


And here is the finished video:

Fr, November 19 2010 » Notes

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